Sketching & Painting Holidays in Morocco

Sweet mint tea and sticky dates, the scent of exotic spices; deep indigo robes, crumbling red walls and the haunting sound of the muezzin; mystical Morocco assaults the senses


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Join an entrancing journey through astonishing landscapes and experience the sights, sounds and smells of this unique land. Travel by comfortable 4×4 to places as yet little-known to tourists; experience the heat of the desert, the warmth of the welcome!

Stimulate your senses and develop your artistic skills in an atmospheric, authentic location. Morocco has been inspiring artists and writers for centuries, and it continues to do so. A timeless land of wide horizons where Africa meets Europe, it is now the destination of choice for those tired of Tuscany, bored of Provence.

Sir Winston Churchill was captivated by Marrakesh and visited many times to paint the light, and relax from the stresses he encountered in Britain. He stated: "Morocco to me was a revelation… reading the newspapers gives not the slightest impression of the charm and value of this splendid territory."

Once perceived as difficult to access, budget airlines are now serving Marrakesh Fez and other cities and although it can seem like a different world, it's only a 3 hour flight from the UK. Now within reach of everyone, there's something for artists of every level and interest, as well as those looking for a different type of holiday. There has never been a better time to visit Morocco!

In this land of contrasts you will discover towering, snow-capped mountains (including the highest in North Africa); sandy desert pistes; deep river gorges bursting with almond blossom in the spring; lush palm groves hanging heavy with dates in the autumn, and quiet oases resonant with the sound of frogs. In the countryside you will see old men riding donkeys laden with firewood, shy nomad women dressed in traditional clothing and big-eyed children herding floppy-eared goats. The picturesque old Kasbahs, dark, mysterious souks and the bustling street scenes of the world-heritage cities are some of the images that will stay with you long after your holiday has ended. This combination of brilliant, hot colours, bright clear light and the complete sensual overload is sure to revive the most jaded palette and you can't fail to return with a sketchpad full of colour, shoes full of sand, and a head full of wonderful memories!

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