About the Holidays

Why a Sketching Holiday?

Sketching at M'harech.jpg

Many artists agree that some of their best work can be found in their sketchbooks.

Sitting outside in an inspiring location, surrounded by the sounds, smells and sensations, and working quickly using direct media can capture the true essence of a place far more effectively than back home in a cold, grey studio or front room when some of the memories have faded. That is not to say that finished drawings and paintings don't have their place! But sometimes in striving to produce a 'complete,' finished result, some of the vitality and spark can be lost, and a sketchbook produced on location can be a delightful and insightful record of a wonderful holiday as well as a substantial source of future inspiration. Indeed, many artists take a sketchbook with them travelling instead of a diary and use it as their highly personal and evocative travel journal.

On some of these painting holidays you will have the opportunity to produce some larger, completed works in addition to your sketches, and sometimes to experiment with other media. The sketchbooks, and the 'tasks' I set, are designed to get your creative juices flowing, but at the end of the day it's your holiday and nothing is compulsory. The most important thing is to have fun! You are always free to 'do your own thing' if you choose to, within the confines of safety and travel/accommodation arrangements.

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