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Double-edged sword?

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been a bit of a nightmare for everyone. There will not be many corners of the world left untouched by Covid 19, and whether you have been unlucky enough to fall ill yourself or have lost a loved one; suffered financially, mentally or emotionally, it’s almost … Read more

Blustery, brooding but beautiful

Windswept Wilderness trip July

The disappointing drizzle which, although obscuring the mountaintops, had begun to fill the rather paltry waterfalls after a long, dry spell, began to clear as we pulled into the beach car park for our first glimpse of the long crescent of white sand. Watching the still-glowering sky, we decided to leave our packed lunches in … Read more

Food, glorious food!

Perhaps because of the indulgences over the festive period it’s natural that my attentions should turn be turning to food, although I confess it is something I think about throughout the year and sometimes throughout the day! Delicious, authentic local food is always a feature of a Vistas sketching holiday. On sketchbook ‘journeys’ we can … Read more