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Rolling on the River

Nishan the boatman

Meet the locals Being an island, water naturally features large; in addition to the beaches and incredible waterfalls there are some notable rivers, and an excursion by small boat can provide a fascinating insight into rural Sri Lanka and its wildlife. Colourful birds, monkeys and water monitors will compete for your camera lens with hidden … Read more

Food, glorious food!

Perhaps because of the indulgences over the festive period it’s natural that my attentions should turn be turning to food, although I confess it is something I think about throughout the year and sometimes throughout the day! Delicious, authentic local food is always a feature of a Vistas sketching holiday. On sketchbook ‘journeys’ we can … Read more

The Magic of Carpets

Meet the locals On a Vistas Sketching Holiday, in addition to limitless incredible landscapes you are guaranteed authentic local flavour through the places we stay, the food we eat and the people we bump into or visit. In many cases these experiences become an established part of the itinerary as our new and old friends … Read more

Horses for Courses

In addition to leading all Vistas Sketching Holidays trips, I have been known to do other things in order to keep the wolf from the door. I’ve nearly always been lucky (and determined, sticking to my guns) in being able to follow my passions and earn a living from doing what I love.Most people spend … Read more

Golden October

On the Highland hillsides the bracken is turning from green to gold to sienna; the colour of the Moroccan desert, where a Vistas holiday group should be enjoying some warm autumn sunshine.It is now a whole year since we sped across dusty plains, crouched in lush pomegranate groves, brush in hand and wandered the dark, … Read more

Grabbing opportunities

As the moorland grasses and birch leaves begin to turn a rich gold and summer in the Highlands reaches a blustery close, thoughts which would normally be turning to winter adventures in far off places are remembering, instead, the precious days on the hill or on the water, taking the time to revisit old haunts, … Read more

In memory.

Small group travel leads to close friendships. Long hours together in a vehicle travelling through unfamiliar territory, along with shared passions and the many light-hearted moments we have along the way often creates very special bonds which continue long after the trip has ended.For many people, one Vistas sketching holiday is not enough once the … Read more