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Change in the Weather

Suilven reflections

How lucky we were last week, I think to myself as the tail-end of some storm or another lashes against my window. After a slightly disappointing (breezy and showery) first day we had wall-to-wall sunshine for the rest of the week, leading to more enjoyment for the participants and a lot less stress for me. … Read more

Muddying the Waters

Watercolour class waters

The most important – in fact, vital – component of watercolour painting is water. This may seem obvious, or if you are used to working in a different medium then perhaps you think it’s an overstatement, yet while the ‘colour’ component is clearly necessary, the key to success in the medium both starts and finishes … Read more

Here, and There

The pastel blue sky and perfect reflections of Lochinver in the glassy bay outside my window this morning were deceptive. I certainly needed my polo-neck sweater and duvet jacket on my walk. A thin layer of frost covers everything and, as the sun has already reached its zenith, it’s unlikely to thaw this afternoon. It … Read more

Tuktuk trippin’

Meet the locals What’s the most important part of a painting holiday?The wonderful subject matter, the tuition and advice, learning a new medium or honing your skills?The chatting and laughing, friendship, inspiration and encouragement from your companions?The weather, scenery and relaxation? The food, the fabrics and immersion in a different culture – and the chance … Read more

Double-edged sword?

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been a bit of a nightmare for everyone. There will not be many corners of the world left untouched by Covid 19, and whether you have been unlucky enough to fall ill yourself or have lost a loved one; suffered financially, mentally or emotionally, it’s almost … Read more

Blustery, brooding but beautiful

Windswept Wilderness trip July

The disappointing drizzle which, although obscuring the mountaintops, had begun to fill the rather paltry waterfalls after a long, dry spell, began to clear as we pulled into the beach car park for our first glimpse of the long crescent of white sand. Watching the still-glowering sky, we decided to leave our packed lunches in … Read more