1. I am not registered with ATOL or any similar organisation so travel is taken at your own risk.
2. I can not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries or money/property losses incurred during the holiday, remote though the possibilty may be, so I insist that all are guests are fully insured.
3. Evidence of valid holiday insurance cover must be provided before your arrival for all overseas destinations. (A photocopy or email is fine)
4. I will not be held responsible for the failure of your airline to deliver you to your destination on the correct day or at the correct time, so advise you not to arrive in the country late on the night before the commencement of your trip. Every effort will be made to facilitate your joining of the group but I will not be held resposible for any days lost, and refunds at this stage will not be possible. Please make sure your insurance includes delayed and missed departures.

Of course, your deposit will be refunded to you in the event I have to cancel your holiday. However, please make sure you take out adequate travel insurance for yourself which covers the cancellation of your flights should this be necessary, and cancellation on your part.
It is a good idea to check your insurance covers you for off-road travel ( which might be referred to as “adventure travel” ) outside Europe, for the Morocco trips. Unlikely though the event may be, a stay in a foreign hospital is probably not something you would like to experience so please be sure you are adequately covered, which will usually mean repatronisation to the UK for British citizens.
For non-UK citizens booking European trips, please check the type of medical cover you need.

Wishing you safe and happy travels!