Time stands still

Our skin is brown, our sketchbooks full as another ‘Mists of Time’ itinerary on beautiful La Gomera has come to a close.

Our first return since March 2023, when we arrived back into the UK with flights being cancelled and borders closing behind us, I was delighted and somewhat relieved to find the island unchanged, except for a few road ‘improvements’. What I mean is, a few newer, wider roads taking out corners and steep inclines; I, of course, preferred things as they were, but I realise I’m a dinosaur when it comes to ‘progress’.

La Gomera is always a delight and even after a hot, dry summer it’s still a riot of colour, the villages full of flowers. We enjoyed long walks in very warm sunshine, several sea swims, hours of sketching and painting the world-class views and way too much delicious food. Buffet meals are so dangerous for someone as greedy as me!

With two bird-watchers in the group we had a regular update on the species we were seeing, and Rachel relaibly informed us of several endemic species I had never heard of. Appologies, Rachel, I should have listened harder as I have forgotten the names already. As the driver this time, I was concentrating too hard on the road! Nonetheless it seems Gomera is a good destination for twitchers as well as scribblers, so if your non-painting partner would like to join you, that’s another reason to add to the list.

The next La Gomera trip in September 2024 is already fully-booked, though the itinerary will need to be tweaked slightly: our usual hotel in Playa Santiago will be closed for refurbishment. While this is a little alarming, I am in the process of identifying a suitable alternative. Depending on costs, I think I’ve found one. If we like this one even better, I will adjust the itinerary around it. Being in San Sebastian, the capital, the driving distances will be shorter, too.

I take nothing for granted on a Vistas Sketching Holiday and if something isn’t working, I change it. I take notice of all feedback, good and bad, and the trips are constantly evolving. Thankfully almost every part of ‘Mists of Time’ works just perfectly – it’s the ultimate relaxing, stress-free break for a painter. As long as you avoid those cactus spines!