July update

As lockdown restrictions slowly ease across most of the world, our thoughts will be gradually turning to the things we enjoy most in life and had previously taken for granted. For many of us, this means holidays; in many cases, in a country other than our own.

Nobody is more eager to resume overseas travel than myself at Vistas Sketching Holidays along with overseas partners and associates in Morocco, La Gomera and Sri Lanka who have all been affected considerably by the virus and subsequent global chaos.
I’m relieved to say that everyone is well, and poised to welcome us as soon as we are permitted and able to run our trips.

In the case of Sri Lanka, this will sadly not be before 2021, which means no November 2020 departures.
I will watch the situation carefully before committing to a date but I am sincerely hoping we will be able to make a trip in February, which will mark a whole year since I felt the tropical sun on my face!

This last winter, back in one of my favourite parts of the world, I made some important changes to the itinerary of the Sri Lanka Sketchbook Journey. With the help of our wonderful driver Chathura, himself a certified and experienced ‘chauffer guide’, I found some fabulous new sketching spots including a lovely waterfall which we came upon quite by accident and had to ourselves. I also felt it beneficial to shorten some of the driving distances and to stay more than one night in the loveliest locations, creating a less frenetic though equally thorough itinerary.

I have tweaked the route, bypassing one of our previous stops because it has now become a lot more ‘developed’ than before (not unpleasant to visit, but rather challenging in terms of peaceful painting) and incorporating a chance to spot – and sketch! – wild elephants in a national park that we were virtually passing anyway. All in all I think the changes will make a huge difference to your Sri Lankan experience and I can’t wait to share it all with you as soon as possible.
The updated itinerary now consists of 13 blissful days of in-depth exploring the secret as well as iconic corners of the southwest region, which can be extended to include a week on the beach, independent touring or further travels with Chathura, who is simply bursting to show you other parts of his island.

Team Sri Lanka

Request the ‘Land of Smiles’ detailed itinerary, bombard me with your questions, or if a one-centre holiday is more your style, have a look at ‘Ocean Breezes’ which has also benefitted from a change or two.
In the meantime, keep dreaming of those swaying palms; we’ll soon be there!